Saturday, February 28, 2004
Today I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine on the idea of friendship (Becca to be exact) and while talking to her about it I think I had some good ideas on the nature of companionship. So, we were discussing the snoodiness (I know that isn't a word, but you all get the point) of people and how they choose their friendships based on talents and what not. Becca said that must just be human nature, but, I wondered what exactly would make that true in human nature. What animal desire would drive us (because we are all driven by animal instincts, if you disagree, I'm sure I'll prove you wrong in a later entry)? Well, to answer that I would first say that we are social animals, so we seek companionship in general, but why would we pick and choose. Then it became obvious, we choose them because of necessity. We need them for something. To entertain us, to make us feel special, to help us with our homework, to give us a blow job, etc. Why do girls like guys with muscles? Because that promotes a strong "care-taker" image, someone who can make sure they're taken care of. It gives them something.

Now, the question that rises from that is: Is that justified? That seems a bit too... Picky. Should we really choose our friends based on their abilities rather than them as a person. To be honest, I'm friends with my friends because I need them as a person, not because I need their talents. I also think that everyone should do that, I think we'd all be a lot kinder and companionship could be a much stronger thing. But, that's probably just idealistic wishing... That seems to be my downfall, idealism, it's always nice until a realist bitch-slaps you with a fourteen-inch-dildo and you remember what the real world is like.

But, also, with that, is it really justified to fight the way nature made us? Just because it would be more beneficial to choose companionship based on who a person is rather than what they can do, does that mean that it is better than what nature dictates? I did write in my last entry that truth (this being a truth about how we perceive friendship) is completely subjective. So any answer to that question is biased.

Wow, this is kind of going all over the place, better end it before I start talking about afterlife or the big bang or whoopee cushions or something. So, in conclusion, people choose their friendships based on what they can gain physically gain from them rather than gaining a companion who makes you happy; and that is just human nature. Does the fact that the way people do that is human nature justify it? Not sure, because whatever answer you give to that is going to be biased and opinionated. An idealist (aka a dope) would say no and a realist (aka a heartless bastard) would say yes.

What does all of this mean? What is the point of everything I've said? What is the moral? Well, it's the same moral of every story: just say no to drugs.
Friday, February 27, 2004
So, here's my first real entry/article/whatever you want to call it. Most of you who know me would expect this first one to be about love... Well, you're all suckers. I'm saving that one for later. This one is dedicated to the idea of truth. Here it goes:

The truth does not exist. But neither do lies. Well, more that lies don't exist because truth does not exist (in geometry they would call that a corollary, Mrs. Corbisero would be so proud). Now, I'm not talking in the philosophical sense, trying to sound "out there" or act like a "big thinker", those pompous intellectuals make me want to eat my own shit then vomit it into their face.

But, to explain, I guess I always knew this, but never realized it until a few moments ago when I was talking with my good friend Tanya. She said, "but either argument - saying conspiracy theories do exist, from saying the government tells us the truth - is based on something else reporting to us. Even if they're straight up "facts" you never really know." What word in all of this stands out the most? Facts. Because it is in quotes, so, being the simpleton I am, I was drawn to that word. She said that we never really know the "facts", why would she say that? Because people tell us the facts and at that point they are skewed, biased, and interpretations. But then I thought of the fact that we are all biased, we are all opinionated. Doesn't that mean that whatever we see is only an interpretation of what really exists. As in, if I see a man fall down a flight of stairs, is that really going to mean the same thing to a crazy elderly woman who owns 9 cats?

However, to this some may argue that a man falling down the stairs is a hard fact. And hard facts aren't opinions. Which I would have to agree with. HOWEVER it is still an interpretation. We aren't all going to see it the same way. If you tell a child that green is blue and that blue is green, they're going to grow up not knowing the "truth" of those colors. Doesn't this prove the idea of truth to be fallible... Making it invalid. One could say that that is a lie, but if they believe it, then it becomes the truth. It is all subjective.

Wow, that was a lot of serious bullshit that probably doesn't make any sense, plus I wouldn't be surprised if I contradicted myself about 5 times, but hey, it's just a blog. If you care that much, then check this out:

http://www.aperfectworld.org/clipart/gestures/middlefinger.gif (I couldn't get the hyperlink thing to work, so just copy-paste it into your address do-hicky)

By the way, thank you for apologizing Chris, it wasn't necessary, but thanks. (To understand refer to Chris Ray's blog at: http://chrisdavidray.blogspot.com/)
Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Your first question probably is... Why Tyrese? The answer is: Because I can. The second question: Seth... doing a "blog"... isn't that the sort of thing he calls stupid? The answer: Yes, I do sort of see these things as a waste of time (unless the writer has something interesting to say). But, so why am I doing one? Well, my therapist suggested that I start a journal, that maybe that will help. This was a long time ago and I'd sort of do it on and off and it wasn't very good. But I figure that if there are people reading it that I am forced to do it. Don't worry though; I'm not just going to talk about myself for pages and pages... I'm going to try and make it apply to everyone (something we can all "connect with") and somewhat funny and interesting. Well, that's all I can think of for a description... we'll just see if this thing works out (and if it sucks I’m saying, "Fuck it".)

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